Known for being and keeping it weird, Rip City is full of entertainment and is always intriguing. It’s very much walkable and although you’ll hear stories about the rain, it’s an overall wonderful city to spend a few days in. Here’s a rundown of reasons that makes Portland worth the plane ticket – or whatever mode of transport you’re taking to get to this great town:

Beer, lots of them Whether talking about craft beer or not, Portland has something for everyone. The city is crawling with pubs that it’s hard not to be overwhelmed if you love a drink or two. The range of brews are vast and rather funky too.

At the Migration Brewing Company, you can taste Spaceballs-inspired beer. Over at Hopworks Urban Brewery you get served organic beer while at Moon & Sixpence you get to chug on European brews.

Food carts Portland is known for its food and you can taste some of the best they city has to offer through food carts. In fact, PDX is known for the presence of these pods that serve delicious food. No matter what your cravings are – Mexican food, Belgian fries or sandwiches – you’d find them offered in one of the city’s many food carts.

Sports comes alive Rip City has always supported their hometown teams. The Portland Trail Blazers are a really fun and exciting team and play in one of the most famous arenas in the world – the Rose Garden (now called the Moda Center). The city is also proud of the Portland Timbers that play in the MLS.

So, if you’re in town when there’s a game, try and catch one at a bar or live and feel the great sports atmosphere.

Nature at its best Mt Hood just lies 50 miles from the city and Forest Park is just west of downtown. Also, heading to the International Rose Test Garden shows you just why Portland is called “The city of roses.”  As they say, Portland is a place you visit for a couple of days, but one that makes you want to stay forever.