Healing or Harming?

United Nations Peacekeeping and Health.

Reposted from http://www.ipinst.org/2015/11/healing-or-harming-united-nations-peacekeeping-and-health-2.

On November 12th, IPI hosted a policy forum event focusing on the complex relationship between UN peacekeeping and health, examining challenges and opportunities in facilitating access for humanitarian aid agencies and delivering health assistance directly.

Click here to view the event video on YouTube>>

As part of the Providing for Peacekeeping series, IPI recently published a report by Sara E. Davies and Simon Rushton titled “Healing or Harming? United Nations Peacekeeping and Health.”

The presentations also focused on health threats UN peacekeeping can present to the host population, as well as health risks UN peacekeepers in challenging environments often face.

The policy forum brought together specialists from within the United Nations, the Secretariat, member states, and civil society to discuss some of the issues raised and the recommendations made by the authors. The purpose was to hold a discussion on the responsibilities of UN peacekeepers with regard to relevant agencies, the host state, humanitarian organizations, and the civilian population in the provision of humanitarian and health assistance.


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