A Global Call for a Quota for Libyan Women

Women, Peace and Security Academic Collective

By Dr Vanessa Farr, WILPF MENA Agenda 1325. This blog is reposted from MENA Agenda 1325.

In their extremely short history of civil society activism, Libyan women have demonstrated remarkable acuity and resilience against efforts to forcibly exclude them from shaping and participating in the country’s transition. Briefly, in its first draft election law (1 January 2012), Libya’s Transitional National Council (NTC) proposed a 10% quota for women’s representation which was abolished by the second draft. In response, the Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace proposed an alternative electoral law and criticized the official draft on four key points: dual nationalism, the lack of a women’s quota, inadequate countermeasures against corruption and the risk of tribal party formation as a result of poorly-proposed quotas for minorities.

According to women activists, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon himself spoke out to support the women quota. As a result of such…

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