All Eyes on Sexual Violence: Surveillance to Inform and Act

Women, Peace and Security Academic Collective

Homepage of UN ActionThere has been much discussion about the undercounting or overcounting of sexual violence statistics and the relationship with armed conflict.  Understanding the degree to which reports of events on the ground are accurate of the sexual crimes being committed against women, men, children and the elderly is vital to stop them.

One growing concern is that efforts to find correlations between conflict and sexual violence result in a focus on sensationalized statistics and generalizations about the relationship between conflict and incidence of sexual violence.  This leads to ‘dueling incentives’ where sexual violence statistics may be inflated or produced with little analytical rigor over the original source.  A Women Under Siege blog recently discussed the findings of a United States Institute of Peace report, Wartime Sexual Violence: Misconceptions, Implications and Ways Forward.  The report examined popular misconceptions such as the false belief that rape is ubiquitous in all wars, that…

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