Welcome to Protection Gateway. The blog site for Human Protection Hub.

“Human protection is a subset of the more encompassing concept of human security. The latter reminds us that the security of “we the peoples” matters every bit as much as the security of states. Human protection addresses more immediate threats to the survival of individuals and groups.

The task of human protection is neither simple nor easy. We don’t always succeed. But we must keep trying to make a difference. That is our individual and collective responsibility.”

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Cyril Foster Lecture, 2011

The Human Protection Hub (HPH) is a research and policy unit situated in the Griffith Asia Institute. The Hub aims to provide governments, international organizations, civil society groups and the research community with new knowledge to inform policy concerning the prevention of human protection crises and protection of vulnerable populations. This includes human protection in the face of humanitarian emergencies, including man-made and natural disasters.

In this blog we will be providing updates and information that relates to our projects.  We will also be discussing current issues about human protection matters, relevant readings, reports and events.

Sign up to the site to keep informed about our work and discussions. Don’t hesitate to email us for further information or if you wish to participate in the Protection Gateway.

Very best, Alex.

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Human Protection Hub

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